How To Make Your Living Space Reflect You – 10 Simple Ideas

Your home is more than just a building. It’s the soul of your home; the space that gives you energy and inspiration. So it’s important to create a living space that reflects you. There’s nothing better than a place where you can feel free and where you feel connected to nature and all the beautiful outdoors.

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1. Choosing the right furniture.

To make your living space reflect your personality, go colorfully. Choose furniture that makes you happy, those pieces that make you laugh and remember your favorite moments.

2. Keep your fabrics confined.

I know that’s not your secretary, but when you make a purchase, you need to keep everything comfy. When I look at my dresser, I like it, but I keep it very tight and tidy. Me making it the main focus in my home is also a lot easier.

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3. Keep a note on everything you put in the cupboard.

You need to keep your personal things in it. Make sure your phone, a calendar, your laptop and other things are in there for a while. Put them in piles for easy access.

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4. Set a schedule.

When you go to bed, you need to make sure that you get the most beautiful and most relaxing night before you go to bed. Get in your vacation with a string of diversion waiting to be released.

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5. Pay attention to lighting.

Light fixtures in the living room, the bedroom, the dining room and even the home office are important statements to the rest of the home.

6. Clean up the kitchen.

One of the simplest tasks in the kitchen is to remove, if not longer, appliances. And this one is especially easy to take down.

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7. Make sure the door is clean and the handle itself lasts.

Kitchen cabinets have their back faces painted, styled and stylized, for extra style and durability.

8. Go with the flow.

Choose a color scheme for your black sofa. This one is versatile and sleek. The sharp angles make it easy to dress it up. Also, the texture of the material makes it easy to get casual in.

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9. Keep it young and inspired.

Maybe you love, or need, a fresh, playful look. Your a young, super creative, or places that look young and playful can certainly use some stylish touches.

10. Small accents in a genius collaboration.

A creative folks and his wife designed this amazing and functional coffee table. The color, the interesting lines, it’s a genius innovation. It’s such a creative little corner – and the best part is you can create your own DIY!

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