14+1 Famous Home Decor Quotes That Will Inspire You

There are a few important points where we can go wrong with your home decor. For instance, when you’re decorating an empty space, it can be tough to get a makeover of a main thing unless you have a huge collection of books. In this case, you want a standup bookcase that is both sleek and sophisticated. Thankfully there’s an article on how to build one out of books that will inspire you to do the same! Make a ton of choices and will create a gorgeous space filled with books.

Bookverse Vintage Pines Steam Bathroom Console with Doors

Doing a DIY project can be fun and allows you to surely pick a piece of furniture that perfectly fits into your home and gives it character. This home office does exactly that in a grand manner. You have the entire family gathered around the fireplace to watch the live video game as you make your plans. This goes beyond just a quick makeover.

James Stockwell’s Home Bar and Breakfast Space

Have a home bar that offers easy access to the family’s drinks when you’re entertaining at while also keeping the food warm on the counter. James is a designer that created the Home Bar and Breakfast Space to fit that need. This intends to create a stylish and functional spot that can be used to host all your guests simultaneously. It’s a smart design that allows you to keep everything within arm’s reach in tight spaces.

Renoir-inspired Kate Middleton-Moon’s Washington State Room

Not every home has enough seating space for the family, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add some family photos to a room. With its unique and beautiful design Kate Middleton’s is the project to put personal touches on a home. The British designer was asked to create some stunning portraits which come from the multitude of antique sales and flea markets in US. Well, this one is both handmade and hand made and all the pieces are hand made.

Boutique Cafe in Brisbane

Bieba has always had a cult for coffee bean sacks and other similar products which are not meant to be used just in the US. They’re mass produced and then displayed in various sizes and even in various metallics which are representative for the African continent. The Brooklyn Café is a beautiful example. The Chocolate Bar is made of hand made coffee beans and caramel mugs.

Dark roast coffee bar

Making your own dark coffee from scratch makes it easier and more complicated. The idea is obviously different in every sense of the way, having to do it actually takes a lot of time and effort. In addition to that, a nice trick is to use chalkboard paint. You can use it to mark the various things that you like on a board and then you can also paint all sorts of patterns there just to create a nice contrast.

DIY coffee mug holder

If you like the idea of organizing your coffee mugs and supplies in a stylish and chic way, we have a suggestion for a DIY coffee mug holder that you might like. Actually, this is not exactly a DIY project but it’s definitely something worth checking out if you think it could look good.

DIY leather sling chair

You’re probably thinking you need a stylish and more comfortable chair to go sit on but you don’t really have the space for that. Steal some leather and make this cozy seat cute. It will still be comfortable but it will have a different look.

A basket for fresh fruits and vegetables

If you like the idea of organizing your fresh fruits and vegetables. This is a modern and simple idea that adapts perfectly to modern-industrial decors.

KITCHÖLL Parking Garage Organizer

I love it about a walkout shoe storage system that’s also super practical and easy to craft. Also, I love the way in clever compartments where you can store everything and that solve the storage space problem. This model is industrial without being industrial and really blends the two together in this

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