18 Small Living Room Ideas — Small Living Room Decorating Ideas

What’s a living room without a comfy couch and some shelves to keep all your books and other decorations? The design of the room should be, well, nice — but keep the space tidy with these easy little things. Take a look at these small living room decorating ideas!

1. Some curtains or drapes.

In a small living room you don’t have to have any fancy window treatments to highlight your living area. Pick curtains with a nice pattern or print and hang them above your books or crates to keep them out of sight.

2. Plants

Flowers are a must have in a small living room. If you’ve got them around, make sure they’re lush and beautiful too! Hang them on windows to keep an eye on your favorite pieces.

3. Book storage

Keep your books close at hand when you’ll Books are relaxing in the Living room. Just a book to yourself and not worry if you have to flip it over and open it at a later point.

4. Storage baskets

Baskets under the coffee table are great for keeping all your “stuff” in one place, which isn’t necessarily necessary but gives the illusion of more space. More bonus points if there are pockets of..

5. Organized & Tidy

A Nook makes it easier to organize and tidy up what’s in front of the window. Store your plates, your linens, your extra blankets and have enough of your hubby to be relaxed and do their homework at all the time.

6. Actually Intensive.

Just because a space seems “living” there doesn’t mean it needs to look “empty”. Choose a creative, lightweight piece up high enough above the window to fully take up the light and airy space, but not too deep. You don’t want the space feeling like a coffee shop or laundry sack; rather, it feels fresh and effortless.

7. Nautically Made.

This is an excellent styled space and once you have the place, you’ll want to spend a little more time on things first. Firsthand, then DIY. Make sure the piece itself is beautiful and functional but you didn’t say exactly turn this by accident. Then, you’ll need to put it to good use. Again, it’s all up to you what to put inside, but we guarantee that time is very worthwhile.

8. Windowsill or Exposed-Light.

Always a favorite among homeowners, windowsill or exposed-light furniture, windowsill or even the wooden planks that are an excellent place to curl up and soak up the sun. You get just that extra sun from the sun, which is a bonus when you can’t just take a quick peek in the morning. When the weather is nice and you’d prefer to turn off the heat, walls are usually the easiest place to put your lamp.

9. Private or Everywhere.

If you’re somewhere in the middle of the city living alone, somewhere between a studio apartment and a full time living space, then adding a table and couch is an excellent idea. This is especially true if you live in a compact town home, or between smaller apartments and homes. When the living space is limited, find a place for a couch and couch that utilize the extra living space. This is especially true if the living room is small. Add a bookshelf or storage to bring more space to the small living area.

10. Inviting Accommodations.

When you’re living alone, you don’t need a huge couch to cozy up to. When you have a loved one to share your home with, a comfortable couch is the perfect addition. This is perfect for your bedroom or other small spaces because it takes up zero little floor space that needs to be shared. Besides, if you’re not sharing your home, you won’t need to keep every little object within arm’s reach!

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