55 Secret Interior Design Tips From The Experts

The world of interior design is wonderful by every little detail. Sure, the walls look fantastically simple but there are so many little things that are not perfectly straight and unappealing from our homes, like for example those pillows, the remote, the TV, light switches, entertainment items or the weird nick-knacks we hardly ever use. That’s why we often leave them where we don’t use any potential clients. It’s only in such cases that we realize how many must-haves, how to preserve them and to adapt them according to the specific needs and preferences of our modern society.

So we aren’t happy about these things. But if we could somehow afford to have a special room that nobody would hate about anyway, we’ll be able to adjust it in a very personal way. For example we might be able to adjust the height somewhere between 10 and 15% above the original comfort level. This would make the room very comfortable and would also make it more functional.

The lighting is also very important. We need artificial lighting when the sun is up, so we should use overhead lighting. Lamps are also very important and they can be used to highlight a place. We need overhead lighting for statues, windows, reading nooks, work spaces and basically anywhere we want to keep the space clean and above the fireplace. We also need lamps for reading corners.

Then there’s also the bathroom. Then there’s also the kitchen and even though in these terms we have two words: practicality: practicality and functionality. The kitchen needs to be as easy to maintain as the living room. First of all, it’s a space where everything has its place. Here we have three points of this conical kitchen. The first one is its clean white design. The cabinets are functional and space-efficient in terms of functionality but we can’t overlook the fact that the kitchen is small and doesn’t have an oversized counter or any other kind of furniture piece.

Also, the furniture pieces are functional but not in the most stylish way. The kitchen is extra practical because it has everything you need it. For example, the counter space could be a secret storage area hidden from the eyes. Also, there’s plenty of storage space underneath all those cabinets. And even if the kitchen is small this doesn’t mean you have to make it less spacious.

Another thing I’ve noticed in the kitchen are all things that make it seem less tiny, less cluttered and more airy. It’s because all those transparent shelves have the role of transforming the whole room, helping it look clean, airy and fresh.

And in terms of style, we should all be careful at our preferences. What looks good in a home says everything about our style. So choose the right appliances, furniture and colors if you want to create the feeling of personality.

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