29 Simple DIY Chandelier Ideas For Beginners

DIY-inspired interior décor is not an uncommon trend these days. With so many designers offering such products to the public, DIY and imperfect creation is getting more and more popular and functional. Here are some examples to use as inspiration.

1. Woven Mason Jar Chandelier.

If you really want to light your home, then you might want to grab some wooden jars and create a charming and somewhat romantic chandelier. This simple design and project would be an easy one to make for the kiddos to help out with. You just need a little bit of hot glue or some yarn and you can let the jars themselves float apart. It’s really easy and it’s also fun.

2. Chandelier Lights.

These DIY chandeliers are perfect for homes with high ceilings. They come with a lot of decorations and the cost of materials is not a big problem but is rather expected. We also don’t want to mess up the chandelier with those extra bulbous crystals. So make sure you have plenty of light inside and make sure you also have a chandelier that can create a warm and pleasant atmosphere.

3. Ping pong Pendant Chandeliers.

Here’s an interesting and creative idea: make a Ping pong pendant light like this one. You need a strand of copper pipe light, air electrical wire, a cord light, a torch, a surf chandelier and a pendant. You spray the pipe with nautical rope and the cord light has the perfect shape for the project.

4. Wood dowel chandelier.

You can also use copper pipe fittings and fittings to make a wonderful chandelier for your home. For example, you can make a wooden dowel with a rope handle. Drill holes in the bottom and spray paint the parts that you’ll be using. If you want, you can also coat the fittings with polyurethane.

5. Seashell Mirror Frame.

This is also an extremely simple project. All you need is a wooden frame, several seashells and mirror. Clean them, apply a coat of varnish on their bottom and start wrapping the mirror. Keep it there for several hours and then hang it somewhere. Spread acrylic paint all over them and cover the frame with paper just to give it a fresh look.

6. Driftwood + Felt Sash.

This project is similar to one of the other one but the difference is that it’s more for display. Here’s what you need for it: a lampshade/ butcher block knife, a metal pottery piece, a thin Fingalo knife and a water sheet. Decide what size the jar should be and cut the wood down to the desired size. Place the hot glue gun over the slab of wood, place the butcher block on top and take your knife and the water sheet down.

7. Wood pencil holder.

This pencil holder is also something you might enjoy making. You need a mason jar, wood, glue and a hanger kit. First take the jar with you and glue the wood to the bottom. Wait for it to be dry and then take the pencils and paint the jar.

8. Copper cupcake liners.

Another simple project is to make a cupcake liner. Spray the liners with copper spray paint and let them dry. To put all the ingredients, you need baking cups, scissors, a box of wax paper, smooth tape, popsicle sticks, patterned tape and a glue gun.

9. Wood sticker tray.

For this project you’ll need a wood sticker tray. Before you paint everything, tape down the tray. Then paint it with a few popsicle sticks.

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