DIY Light Fixture

Running low with supplies, a little bit of love and a lot of fun with ideas for adding a little bit design to your home, I want to show you a very simple project using PVC pipes and spray painted in a vivid color! This light fixture is perfect for any home, no matter what decorative you may need to add!

Instructions to craft the PVC pipes lamp switch holder:

Step 1: Drilling process

Using a drill with 3/4 inch drill bits, use the 3/4 inch drill bit to drill through the plastic pipe and through plastic “door” into the pipe (cut to match with the door’s top colour). This is for if you want to add a touch of sparkle and shine to any lampshade or decorative frame!

Step 2: Painting

Using a bright white paint and a stencil (this example uses a standard white paint brush) create a star pattern to attach to the plastic pipe. For a more visually pleasing effect, use an additional brush instead of the paint brush for larger designs.

Step 3: Screw the light socket

The very top of the light socket is what will be the leg at the top, so you should end up with a light fitting at the bottom!

For the flower socket, simply use the round top cut flat. Don’t worry about the joint between the top and the wire, this is all about the stitching and the precision required for the flower stenciling. For a more professional look, use extra nails or something heavy!

Step 4: Silver pipes

Next, you will need to attach the plastic pipe to the lid of the light fixture. Reattach the socket and set it aside. Add LED tape along the opposite line, then snip the wires. Hang the socket and attach the wires.

Step 5: Wirenip

This is step 4. Take your longer strands of wire and screw them onto the socket by using double operation. Run the wire through the hole and attach the end strand.

Step 6: Hole punch

Lastly, insert the bulb in the LED tube by screwing it into the hole for the wires.

Remember how you made the hole punch? Use it to create the felt felt felt inside the bulb. To make the felt cone, you need to cut the felt in the shape of a cone with the jute twine and push it through the hole.

You will also need a hot glue gun. Cut small pieces of twine, thread them around the jute and start sewing the twine in at the end. Cut off the excess to make a cone. Add a strand of twine and glue it onto the lid. Hang the lamp at the lamp base, put the bulb in and enjoy your new pendant lamp!

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