How To Properly Decorate An Apartment

When decorating an apartment, some things are taken out of the planning stage and most of the time, this is done in a very original manner. Like in the case of the home renovation plans that changed the layout completely. The transformation from apartment to residence was a complex of complex residential and commercial spaces with a very different functionality. The goal was a design based on simplicity, that doesn’t neglect any detail on the functional side and focuses on eliminating every unnecessary detail.This was a project completed in 2017 in Taipei by a group of studios AB Design inc and We Heart Design. They combined the latest furniture collection known as the Evergreen Candleholder with the latest innovative elements and created a decor that’s a little bit different but still sophisticated.

How To Decorate Your First Apartment

The interior of the apartment and the layout of the rooms are shaped by the general philosophy of the brand known as Zen. The interior design is inspired by elements from the home and this allows it to be comfortable while maintaining a sense of freedom and on top of offer more personal and flexible interaction between the users. As you may already know, comfort is very important in the case of a bed or an armchair in the bedroom. The orientation of the rooms and the layout of the apartment were also an important factor in this case, influencing the overall design and the products offered by the designers.

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