How To Reinvent Your Bathroom With Over The Toilet Shelves

That space in the bathroom rarely holds a ton of storage. But with over the years the space has changed and, if you can’t come up with a good solution and you want the bathroom to be as practical and functional as the kitchen, that area becomes a storage area for personal items and products. And the best way to get efficient is with over the toilet shelving.

5 Best Over-the-Toilet Storage Ideas

When storage is not a problem, here’s a perfect example. This is a beautiful marble toilet shelf, with a geometric shape and a minimal footprint of just £p500. It has an integrated marble shelf below and this gives it a sleek and chic look.

But this is not necessarily an over the door concept. Then there’s also the option of having a pebble freestanding storage box with lots of compartments and labeled in an eye-catching color.Available on site.

But let’s take a look closer at this beautiful bathroom storage unit. It includes a few beautifully-organized trays with pinholes featuring stylish designs, rounded forms and smooth angles. It’s a simple unit with a modern and elegant look.

And if you’re serious about including storage in the bathroom, then perhaps you’d like to have a wall unit with customizable options as well. For example, this one features pull-out trays. A very clever idea which allows you to store secrets and accessories in there.

The space under the sink is usually used to store lots of things like towels, bathroom supplies, shampoos and other similar items. So take this opportunity to reconfigure the space. For example, the corner of the sink can become a small drying area. It can also become a yoga platform.

The space underneath the sink is also a good place for storage. This one is small and the sink only includes a table which can accommodate three people. It’s a casual and ingenious idea. Of course, you can also use it in other ways.

Toilet Shelves Ideas

But if the space is small, then the trays can replace the washing machine. This brings us to another use for the space. Since it’s used for storage, then it would be a good idea to store there some small shelves.

3 Tier Metal Over Toilet Shelf Rack Bathroom Towel Storage Home Organizer Holder

The storage boxes are a very good idea. They allow you to use the space underneath for storing towels and other things. Also, depending on your needs and preferences, you can choose such a storage unit.

The space underneath can be used in lots of other useful ways. So open shelves could be great since you want to teach your guests to be organized and neat. And there’s also the space under the sink.

In here, you can put all sorts of things inside a larger storage bin such as various spices, lotions, vegetables or other things which are meant to absorb water and nutrients into the body. So test it out before you make a decision.

Designed to replace the kitchen sink, this sink has a big open section at the bottom for towels and other things. In addition, there’s also a towel bar at the top. This makes this sink great for large families or if you want to test the temperature in the bathroom before you leave the house.

Aside from the open sections, this sink also offers lots of storage space. It includes a towel bar, two shelves, some wire baskets and some towel hooks.

The industrial sink was designed to suit the style and the location. It has a hammered metal finish which gives it a chic look and includes all the right features and accessories such as the hooks, the bottom shelves, pegs, protective metal edges and visible plumbing pipes.

The industrial style is not the only style that defines this model. there are many different options to choose from. this modern sink is a wonderful example.

In terms of design, the sink has a more modern appearance while also being able to easily blend in with a variety of contemporary designs and decors.

The wooden backsplash and matching hardware are behind the sink and are not only for looks. They’re also a way to add texture to the bathroom washbasin.

The rectangular and square back wall of this sink gives the faucet a particularly charming look while also creating the necessary symmetry to it.

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