How To Save Space When Sharing An Apartment

If you have a tiny apartment it’s not going to be possible to save space when you’re living alone so you should get creative.

How To Save Space When Sharing An Apartment

Stick to a compact diaphanous floor plan for small spaces. Buy or make something custom yourself. Use the aislemoutle as the core of the floor plan. And make sure you consult a home renovation manual before you start. As far as the actual living space goes, the space should be as clean as possible. If you have to make room for a sofa and some armchairs, get rid of them.

Get rid of extra-long chairs. If you’re fortunate enough to have a window with views towards yours, then you want to get rid of them. You might want to avoid them as much as possible if you’re living exclusively on the third floor.

Get rid of extra tall cabinets above the dining table. I think this is a great option for a tiny kitchen or a multi-functional but still compact kitchen.

Micro Apartment With Space-Saving Furniture

Get rid of the cabinet spaces above the window. If you do that anyway, you’ll have a much more airy feeling throughout the loft. This also combined with the windows, the lack of visible windows, gives you an airy feel.

Not to place the TV on the bay windows. This way the TV won’t bother anyone but you’ll still be able to enjoy your beautiful, original movie while watching the indoors.

I wouldn’t want to be disturbed, but if you complete the first row of bedrooms in the second category, you’ll definitely have more space.

Smart Space-saving In Tiny Apartment

Not having a big bedroom doesn’t mean you should just throw all the things in it. Consider creating a separate guest room with twin beds. And to make things even more storage-efficient, use an elevated bed frame (or multiple beds stacked together).

When you’re living alone, you could play with different heights and combine them in all sorts of unexpected ways. If you put the beds on a wooden platform, you’ll be creating an interesting and long-lasting platform and wall décor.

But if you use your couch for relaxing, chatting and finding the courage to spend your time comfortably in this cozy, comfy home you bought a long time ago, it doesn’t really need a sofa or couch. A couch is a great space-saving furniture piece. The height of the coffee table and armchairs on it can double as extra seating in the living room.

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