Clever Design Tricks To Make A Small Room Look Larger

Are you having trouble finding a small room to put up a book collection? Or perhaps you’re having trouble with a storage cupboard. There are tricks to maximize the amount of space you have in a small room, when it comes to organization. And there are also some unique and really fun design ideas.

Cheap Baskets.

Stools. Balancing between the use of a stool and a raised shelf. A great way to use a large basket for all those things you have not had the chance to use before. Make the most of every square inch of space and expand the area your shelves occupy, even if it means a lot of leg work.

If a wall-mounted rack isn’t really your thing, try creating a little work area in a corner instead. Store all the unnecessary items you don’t want to display in order with as little wall space as possible. You can make the baskets yourself out of wood or you can build a wood frame, depending on how much you want to be able to move around.

Here’s a neat trick: add vertical bookshelves. That just goes to show how easy it is to add a new level of brightness to a small space. With these floating bookshelves, you can have a small nook that only uses a surface for the vertical supports. Just use a vertical piece as a support.

If a support has a number associated with it, you should add the number beside the back wall. This will help with smooth the curve of the shelves into the corner. This is also a great way to integrate the shelving unit into the space at the center.

If you want to be able to hide or show the items on your bookshelf, opt for a hidden wood basket. This one is less conventional and also has a lovely geometric design. Put it in your reading corner and don’t forget the magazines and books.

Although you should add one to your bookcase, consider using some design elements to link the books. For example, if you have some unusual plants, hang one of the books vertically to make the room feel larger. And if you reuse books, hang one somewhere.

Double up on shelves.

You could have your bookcase built into the wall so you have more floor space for other things. This would work if the shelves were operated independently of the unit so you can use them as bookcases. And if you plan on storing several books, you might as well put them together to create a large wall unit.

Use the frame of your bookcase to hang items on the shelves. This would hide the center so the books and everything else are only visible when you access the sections at the back while the other shelves are open.

Organize your books vertically. Try to maintain an extensive portion of the unit at the center. Plus, it doesn’t have to be even more books than you have to store for that unit. Take this modular bookcase for example. You can integrate it in your living room and use it to organize the furniture and to organize the art supplies and the supplies such as the fireplace, TV, etc.

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