Fresh Cool Color Make Room Look Bigger Design

If you look at the interior design direction of a house, either through the shape, color or finish it could look a lot bigger than it actually is. This is a continuous theme and this is obvious when surrounded by lots of furniture, colors in different shades of the same one or even all the colors present in the design scheme. The colors, however, are not the only important detail. The color palette is also very important and it’s well worth the effort when the cool color you chose looks amazing. If you want to see how color is influencing many variations and how changing they result, take a look at this eclectic interiors with cool gray cabinets. It has a calm and neutral look and it’s a color full of potential.

The color red, this deep shade of red can be your best colors if you want to put your favorite piece in an environment dominated by black and white. The red piece can have a busy and monochromatic design but you can still keep it simple, just a couple of colors and maybe with a little help from the rest of the furniture, maybe even some wall art. Check out this red cabinet design if you want the inspiration for your own project.

Decorating a space with cool gray color can be difficult. There are certain limitations in terms of decorating and versatility is a must. That however doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of the decorating spot before you go big and you should follow your inspiration closely.[adtern KBD Architects]

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