How To Make A Small Room Look Bigger

Small rooms can be most useful if you want to efficiently use the space you have at your disposal. Don’t feel restricted to bulky twin beds. Twin beds can look gorgeous on twin beds with frame rails that are often used to support them. This will give your small room a traditional look, but you can find ways to integrate other furnishings that are round and have similar visual properties as well.

Choose a theme.

When you have a small room, you want to make sure it has plenty of storage. The décor should be simple and yet practical. For example, you don’t necessarily need to have a large bed to have plenty of storage. You can alternate with soft and dynamic colored soft furnishings such as bean bag chairs, colorful stockings, sofas and sofas designed to blend with the rest of the room’s décor.

Include enough storage.

Since you’ll be sittinguating your guests in your guest room, you have to make sure they have enough space to move around. Not only that they’ll need some room for clothes but also for all their needs should be easily accessible. Closets and cube storage ideas are very ingenious and similar to regular storage.

Space for a lamp.

Lighting is very important when you sleep. It’s why sconces and pendant lamps work really well. They cast light and they’re ideal for reading nooks. And there are lots of other things you can use for your guest room’s décor. For example, you can hang a beautiful chandelier, for a touch of glamour and luxury. And a lamp? Well, there’s a recipe for that. Just look for sconces that are appropriate for your guest room. They can be strategically placed at the end of the bed to cast light.

Got wood somewhere in the room?

Let your guest room have a rough edge by using knots or wood grained tips in a creative way. Such partitions and materials can really make your guests feel really comfortable on their arrival. And there are a bunch of other cool guest bedroom concept ideas that can help your guests feel even more welcome.

Creative and unique using of wood.

With Thinkgeek you can come up with a variety of unique designs such as an hourglass, a diamond or a cloud or a directional light fixture. Use color variations for the guest bedroom to really make them feel like they’ve been transported through time and used in creative projects with profound human character.{found on bricesviller}.

Modern rustic look.

In some cases, simpler designs can really be an interesting thing to do. And when you think about it, it wouldn’t really stand out at night just because you light up your bed in the middle of the night. With this design you can create a very relaxing and tranquil effect and still be able to sleep that up so you can be prepared in case night comes with other guests.{found on atmosphere360studio}.

Asian inspired.

Another thing you can use when creating a minimalist and Asian-inspired guest bedroom is a rug with a very traditional or Japan-inspired print. Pick either a simple and delicate shape that will allow you to breath fresh air in and then make a silk-lined rug or one made of silk to balance the atmosphere.{found on atmosphere360studio}.


Another very nice and simple idea would be to have a felt headboard. It’ a great way of adding some Chinese influence into a contemporary décor while also making the room feel inviting and comfortable. The soft and calm fabrics and the shape, texture and color of the headboard make this a very relaxing and calming design.{found on styleathome}.

For a more dramatic and powerful look, try the Persian roman shades. Pick a bold and strong color that complements the bed, the rug, nightstands, lamps and various other elements in the room.{found on jdixondesign}.

In the case of a modern guest bedroom, go with patterns based on Hollywood-inspired elements such as an array of checkerboard games or theART collection from thestructural fine print. The style is perfect here.

All the elements described so far

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