How To Use Mirrors To Make A Room Look Bigger

While we might traditionally have mirrors on our ceilings, you may not think there are any tricks here for making a drab bathroom look larger. However, smaller mirrors can be just as tricks, giving you a wall of mirrors instead of a mounting of curtains. Mirrors are one of those decorating tricks that always seem to be at the top of your list because they make any room look bigger simply by lining up against a wall of windows.

Since large mirrors will take up a large amount of space in your bathroom, you’re going to need to make sure you have enough lighting for adequate comfort. Don’t just push your vanity against the wall, hook your mirror up to a longer shelf, or hang one across from the vanity to minimize wires.

Of course, beside a large mirror, there are possibly the only unique aspects of yourself and your bathroom to decorate with mirrors. You can decide if styling your bathroom to be symmetrical or toned down. You should probably choose mirrors that show up in a line across your bathroom to frame the washbasin, unless you’re using a light fixture or chandelier. Simply because a bathroom is not complete without a mirrored effect, don’t forget to make that space look stylish. Vintage lamps and and streamlined mirrors complete the look.

Like every other room of your home, your bathroom needs decor to be practical and easy-to-clean as well. You might have to consider what are your primary design strategies to employ to achieve the look you want. Look for ways to make a statement without over-the-top adornments. If possible, consider a waterfall vanity. If not, a pedestal-style vanity would be ideal. Also, avoid unnecessary decoration using ceramic or acrylic surfaces because these are too dull.

The modern bathroom is often a small space. You should make the most of this lack of space. Don’t waste it with furniture. Decorate the bathroom with framed photos, wallpaper, accessories and other things. Make it as welcoming and as comfortable as possible and don’t forget about the wall in which to store everything. Adapt your design strategy and system to the space you have to offer, whether it’s an over-the-toilet or a vanity. Get to work and finish the task that you have completed and let the spirit guide you.

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