Simple Ways To Make A Small Living Room Look Bigger

Small living rooms have the tendency to look and feel cluttered and to feel cramped. That’s a real shame because doing the most important thing in your living room the most important because it makes you more efficient and saves you a ton of space. You can definitely do that in your own home and the strategies you can use are nearly endless. A small living room doesn’t necessarily have to be filled with furniture. Here are some examples of small living rooms that look and feel spacious no matter how you put it.

Living room with a fireplace.

Fireplaces make and use a lot of space, especially in small areas. For example, this living room is quite small but it feels airy thanks to the fireplace. It has a fireplace and a wall shelving unit along the walls and this way the room doesn’t feel crowded by furniture.

Small living room decorating ideas.

Given that small living rooms are usually defined by the lack of storage space, here’s how you can use open shelves and wall-mounted hanging pendant lamps to make your small living room look and feel more airy and spacious.

Of course, if the room is very small, you can go with a less cluttered look and just maintain a more simplistic decor with some hanging pendant lights which are very simple but very nice-looking. The color palette is also chosen wisely. Here they used a light brown and a bright yellow. The striped area rug is a great accessory for the space.

In a small living room there’s not a lot of space to work with so the furniture doesn’t need to be bulky and massive. Here, for example, the giant white sofa is turned into a cozy coffee table with a few built-in cushions. The built-in shelves under the seats are used as décor detail.

Of course, sometimes a much simpler approach is preferred and this small living room is nothing more than a miniature bar. It’s small and has a simple design with a counter for eating and a seating area with a sink and some simple shelves. It’s decorated with a tiny plant for a soothing atmosphere.

When space is a big problem, you can’t have too much storage. You can and you can’t and what better way to deal with that problem than by creating a casual and almost completely open storage unit for all the things you want to keep in the living room such as books, decorative objects, etc. Does it sound too difficult? Take a look at all the great furniture conversions you can create. Adapt the designs and take some time to analyze all the options. You might find some inspiration in this post.

This is a very simple room. It’s a combination of several small rooms and the main focal point in the room is the ceiling. To make it easier to create a uniform décor, you can reduce the height of the ceiling. Also, the light fixture had to be appropriate, especially for this area. The flooring has to be soft and so it would be a good idea to use plenty of soft rugs as well as all the big fluffy pillows.

The most common place for a sofa is by the bed. So, if you’re thinking of going for a second apartment, there’s no better way to do that than by the bed. Of course, the sitting option is even more important.

When in doubt, consult a specialist. This is a tip for those with limited budget or simple apartment. Typically, the owner doesn’t even ask for any specific help. This example lets you show us that it’s ok to spend $3, if you want. But be careful because everything you do here’s not helping.

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