Wall Texture Designs For The Living Room

While the living room might not be the first place to focus in this area of the house, the dining room is the perfect place to try out textural and modular wall design without much aesthetic obstacles. It is also a spot where families can watch movies or play board games while enjoying a coffee or pizza, sink into a couple of console carts and load up drinks that get out of the kitchen cart and around a line of furniture until they reach the dining area. In the living room, with no wall to help you take advantage of that blank space, a signature design element comes into play: the texture of the walls. All of today’s details from inspiring interior design projects take up very little time and highlight the best about this design technique.

Pop Texture Wall Decor

Nothing says “love” like a natural, wispy, stylish piece of textiles. The Paper Houses Wall Sticker has an Easy Thrifted Wallpaper that pairs elegantly with other wallpapers and wall hangings. In fact, you can use the sturdy timber frames of other wall hangings to coordinate the design with your existing décor, with the Jacquard wallcloth being a perfect complement. But have no fear: the impact of this cool timber piece is strong enough.

As far as powder room accessories go, the minerals underneath the Magical Thinking Peaks Rug (ytm55) is a wonderful canvas for a modern luxe vibe. Ideal for a bedroom or bathroom, it resembles the more famous image of a tent and is super soft and plushy. Made from linen and wool, the shakesthi makes it suitable for any climate. The poufs are made of polyester foam and polyester batting, and there are also two additional matching mats covering the backrest of the chair. The poufs feature on-trend silver accents. For information go to Sandroco.

TheOUND1 Pillow is the creation of Swedish designer Marie Arends. According to Mjesa, it is “ an economic interpretation of the term ‘imilarian’ which for us gives meaning to the flat sheet, its simplicity and appeal to the modern. The flat sheet is a mix of cubism and classical cubism techniques and it is a contemporary expression of the double lines found in Modernism,” she says. The flat sheet also features a matte textured print with understated decorative style.

Cardboard Wall and Floor Coverings

There’s nothing like a fresh pair of plants to perk up your interior. These Groggy Choppies from the Esthetic Decor store only serve as a small terrarium. Esthetic Decor uses earth-friendly plant markers that aim to preserve roots and make any kind of living space look like a natural garden. The small planter is constructed of glass and aluminum and has a drip system. The small dimensions of these planters make them suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use.

Studio Toogood started out with a collection of solid and medium-firm outdoor plants and reconceptualizing the look with a twist. The series now includes a selection of living walls made of cedar panels interspersed with river rocks. These planters are topped with a resin-based coat and bottom topper that can be replace Puffy’s Toop Shaped Covering. The plants can be up to six inches in height and are made with a synthetic resin-based finish.

Artificial Plants

Art Ideas also offers a wide range of planters of the nature or garden variety, along with window or door plants that will grow tall and create a vertical garden of vertical greenery. The designs are meant to mimic high-tech home systems like the Grow Smart planters and the Smart Gardens series. From a interior view, they appear to be attached to walls but are surprisingly easy toCraft and install. The wall-mounted or double-hung types keep the plants out of the way and add such a lovely green touch to any space.

The Chef

Change the all around look of the kitchen or dining set up with the new addition from Cook’s. The new series is designed to be more than just a place to eat. It includes space-saving furniture and accessories such as the cullings and the bench. The custom-designed cooktops and dish plates are made using the latest technologies and materials. Starting with stainless steel, granite and quartz the kitchen is then equipped with appliances and fixtures made by the manufacturer.

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