Luxury Oceanfront Hotel in St Vincent and The Grenadines

As summer approaches, the time for parties and social activities seems to be entering… That’s why we thought it would be a good idea to found a site outside your own home, so that you can enjoy the beautiful weather regardless of your guests’ arrival. This house located in Malo, St. Martin de Belleville, one of the Caribbean’s most exclusive and beautifully decorated resort areas, was designed by Robin Miller Architects.

Classic Luxury Hotels In Saint Vincent And The Grenadines

The impressive property expends the view on St Vincent and the Grenadinese solely on the beauty of its surroundings. The design is modest and discreet, in contrast to the strong horizontal silhouette. As the architects working there have made this a non-exclusive little villa, they wished to apply all their client’s vision.

Luxury Oceanfront Hotel In St Vincent And The Grenadines

The process was completed in 2010 and the villa was completed in April 2012. Visually the villa is very impressive, the property is filled with an amazing mixture of local stone and nautical rope craft which allows it to harmoniously integrate into its surroundings as well as being a very romantic and romantic space to spend time in. The interior design is simple, modern and luxurious, serene and calm and this combination reflects its sereneness perfectly.

The headlands of the villa are completely surrounded with sunflowers and beautiful palm trees that create a laid back and cozy ambiance. Moreover, the villa also has a private plunge pool situated in the center of the resort, the indoor and outdoor spaces forming a very soothing and relaxing ambiance.

Luxury Oceanfront Hotel

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