Luxurious & Inspiring Penthouses

When it comes to planning a house a big change can take some time. We usually don’t even make the plan and you wonder if you’ll enough the actual size of the change you wish to make. Sometimes it can be easier to just change the location of the rooms or to simply switch places. However, it’s easier to make an old house look like new when it comes to purchasing a home. We found some very beautiful and inspiring home interiors on Brit. As you can see, the décor is very stylish and beautiful.

Penthouses are very cozy and inviting if decorated beautifully. They are usually older than the average contemporary home and they are also smaller. It all depends on the décor and the furniture. This family apartment from Seattle, for example, looks very inviting and cozy. Of course, style, materials and finishes, large spaces and modern additions make it even more impressive.

The apartment is located in an old building and it featured irregular walls that created a surface perfect for displaying penthouses as well as interesting light fixtures such as those used throughout the space. The building used to be a factory and it’s where this beautiful home is situated. The warehouse, hence the name, is now called the Clayton Street Market in Vancouver. It’s where this unique home is located.{found on dwell}.

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