New Loft Penthouse In Manhattan With A Rooftop Pool And Two-Tiered Terrace

The list of architectural materials that can be used to create rooftop spaces is quite long. The best examples can often be considered the brick rooftop gardens which are generally more common in skyscrapers or villas. But there are also cases when the rooftop is the best place to go to or from your home. The beautiful thing about rooftop living spaces is that they offer amazing levels of privacy although they also look amazing with all the open spaces and all the furniture. This New Loft Penthouse is one of the best examples on this list. Located in the Upper West Side, this loft is once again the perfect retreat with an amazing rooftop terrace, a great place to enjoy life at the working top.

The entire place was designed by Andrew Anderson and built by Manolis Vasapamba. The design is inspired by the aerial views of the city of São Paulo, in the region of Pinheiros, Brazil. As a result, every little detail of the house, such as the vase make up the view. A rooftop terrace with wooden beams and a fire pit has been added to the design. A balcony and a wooden beam help define the geometric shape of the house and everything is combined into a harmonious display of modern design.

The interior is arranged on three floors. As you inside, you get the best view around the five-meter high ceiling. The open plan is simplistic and harmonious. The walls are white throughout and so is the flooring, ceiling and all the furniture. This ensures a simple look and a pleasant ambiance. The wooden beams adorn the room, creating a very nice warm and cozy look. There’s also the rooftop deck with comfy benches and an exposed solar panel roof which offers a great view of the sky. The kitchen has a bar, a barber shop, an outdoor dining space and an air conditioning unit. The house as a whole is beautifully designed and the elements used to furnish it reflect the wishes for contemporary living to be reinforced in a very simple and pure way.

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