Penthouse Collection

The penthouse is made by the Schulman-Burton, and the floor is made up of seven separate penthouses, ranging in size from 90-400 sq ft. The apartments have been designed to vividly decorate each of them and to combine each of them in a very intense manner.

Each of the seven penthouses has its own floor heating system and parking for up to 100 people. The apartments are very well insulated with wood, and a large window has been installed in one of the walls of the living room. The same windows also have a glass background, to let in the light and view to all the rooms.

The lighting system of the apartments is focused especially on panoramic views of the city. The structure of the roof is designed to collect the sun light that the penthouse offers and to create a lanterns that can be used for relaxing or for just watching the sun rise and fall on the city. As for the interior design, all the pieces are carefully chosen and combined, following the same pattern of simplicity and elegance.

The Penthouses come very cheap for one bedroom, but you live as far as we know!

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