Riváge Luxury Waterfront Apartments With Roof Deck

These stunning, flamingo-themed opulent waterfront apartments are something of a treat. And although they’re designed for entertainment purposes, they have all the creature comforts of home, from the multitasking to the unassuming to the creative. Let’s take a closer look at some of these luxury apartments as you peruse its fascinating web of avian treasures.

Described as a once in a lifetime offering of the highest quality luxury accommodations, this showpiece combines the ultimate lifestyle convenience and style with the beauty of an architectural grace. Pair up with friends over a cup of tea and catch a glimpse at some of the unique, off-grid settings that are available on the warranties. And while we’re at it, we also like to talk about the one bedroom Paradise Cove apartment in New York. Featuring 6 different rooms, the condo is luxurious, sophisticate and all decor and furnishings are luxury.

Softly Citrusted

Designed by the Novogratz fair, the stylish, chic apartments are topped up with luxury that mixes and matches interiors and décor to perfection. Every area of the home is high-end and made of luxury and you’ll have no fuss about the furnishings, which are built in the latest trends. A master bedroom with lavish lighting, a muted bedroom that features an Italian inspired and soft decor, a dining area and a living room incorporate the same luxury touch that would accompany anything else, but with the added convenience.

Contemporary With a View

Villa Juju was built with an eye for stunning oceans, this particularly striking villa that was built with the same materials — similar to what would be found in the bush in Jackson were there in the dry land where the building sits today. The layout includes a bedroom and a smaller accommodations that are placed below the olive tree, forming a new hole overlooking the water, which calm the coastal activity, and invite visitors to enjoy the wonders of nature. About 18,000- 18,000 square feet, the villa encompasses nearly 10,000 square feet, all accessed through three major entrances and three stories of exceptional height and style, as well as a waterfront Gazebo entrance on the water and a luxurious entrance featuring a 16-foot ceiling and interior stair access to the third floor where the bedroom is located.

Contemporary and Edgy

The soaring glass pyps of this glass sun lounger are the piece of resistance in this penthouse suite from Milan. The room is the central feature of the home, but it is also a mass play between contemporary and traditional elements. The rolling glass-topped tables at the back of the living room are a far cry from the heavy furniture in the mid-century modern home, all focused on the midcentury modern style. The styles meld into each other in the silhouette of the furniture but in a formal and luxurious way. The room also features a large window that offers magnificent views of the city surrounding the home.

Super Understated

Hidden away in the woods, this magnificent bedroom doesn’t really need a lot of grand elevation embellishment. Its luxurious interior was created by designer Cortney M. McCallum and has a very open plan. The low headboard has built-in storage and the bed is backed by stools. On the wall at the edge of the room, two accent chairs serve as the nightstands. On the opposite side, an alcove of a dining table is done in a wood that sports bold angular features. The large, round table has a lower profile as well as a spot for a larger occasional table. The full view shows the entire space in one fell swoop.

Wood and Stone

When the plentiful trees in the United States are being destroyed by termites and carnivorous animals, a home that sticks to the natural world is transformed quiet into a very stylish oasis. This right here is St. Louis (and South Africa) Treehouse, a structure designed by Mork Ulnes Architects. It has two floors that are covered with natural stone, enclosing a patio and pool. The exterior has a natural tropical feel, but is adorned with modern touches and luxurious finishes. Concrete and stone are combined in a combination of rich dark brown marble, natural cedar siding, and dark walnut panels.

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