Luxury Shangri- La Hotel Madrid

The financial manager inherits Nassas I. The owners of this spectacular new hotel are Nacho Preciante, Rodrigo De Lucca, Mauricio Delingaro and Alberto Belençoso.

Shangri-La Hotel  The Luxury Hotels

They are passionate about his projects, which include works that include the architecture, interior design and photography, which include many luxury suites.

Luxury ShangriLa Hotel Madrid

And, just for dé flow, keep that in mind, you will certainly love this hotel because the energy and sense of relaxation that you will get after your stay here are only matched by the location and the comfort that you get here.

It faces some of the famous siestra and town streetscape, where the hotel is also played house by the different menswear brands. Here, you have access to the restaurant and bar on the ground floor and also the restaurant and hall on the first floor which ensure a good taste of the siestra and also the best restaurants in the Spanish Spanish capital.

The rooms in this hotel are decorated excellently with the use pieces of modern art: from there, the rest of the world of art: Mies van der Rohe, “The pavement merges abstract modern paintings onto a contemporary canvas based on three different inspirations.”

The “Six Senses” chaise longue, relaxes in a five-meter-high cocoon, receiving a gorgeous view over the mountain, from where you can enjoy the views over the mountain

All the rooms from the hotel feature modern furniture, from the famous furniture brand “Gili It” to the gorgeous wood vioned coffee tables, to the glamorous sofas and beds, and finally from the rooms to the hall by the sofa, to the hallways and the bathroom by the la salina. Everything gives people the feeling of complete freedom and comfort, no matter it is a very hot day, trying to watch your precious friends and family, you can only enjoy the spectacular world around you no matter if it is a cold season or a very warm one. No matter if it is Halloween,Christmas, New Year’s Eve, or any other time, you can definitely choose to spend as much time as you want under the sun or above the starlight.

The “SIRES” designed by Spanish brand, Kettler makes you feel like you are outside the big trees, just in the middle of nature, with the light of the moon, with the changing of the seasons with the colors of the stars and the woods that seem to reveal beauty in every season. Our gaze is always on the starlight and you can tell this detail to yourself: it is not winter, but spring and summer, but spring and autumn, like every season when you see the sky. The spaces inside the dwellings of the high society of the Palma de Mallorca, in Spain are decorated in a minimalist style that reveals elegance and luxury. Designed by the glamorous couple “Gili” from Formto Interior Design, the interiors of the hotel are perfectly planned so that the ambience is pleasant and friendly at the same time.

If you have a certain mood you will be pleased to see the big windows that lighten up and light up the entire atmosphere. In a space this strong and serious glow will be appreciated with all worries and worries of it. In the whole ambiance that seems so calm and transparent could be exactly what you need in Mallorca or even better, in your living room. The spaces that you can see in the pictures are designed in a minimalist style, but the decorative objects and the objects that are used are also very appreciated nowadays, in case they are modern, like this amazing storage and TV chest that has in its upper store real treasure that is the TV and audio room cabinet from the ’80s.

From the lobby, staircase or even in the kitchen that is connected to the dining room, dining room or the bar accessible to the owners with double doors, in your wardrobe you will have a dream of a spacious room, fit for a whole family. On the first floor you will have all the facilities that a normal family could need: a bedroom with bathroom en suite, dresser, dark closet, microwave, refrigerator/free hot room, housekeeping room and last but not least a bedroom that will protect the sensitive belongings from getting disturbed by anyone. The terrace of the hotel features a fireplace and a fireplace mantel, the perfect place to relax, enjoy the views and the good weather.

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