Maverick Chair by Tom Dixon

The Portuguese designer Tom Dixon needs a lot of inspiration when he is working on his furniture. More than that, what is the main reason to experiment with this style? It is obvious that the terms maverick and modernist are synonyms at least in Portuguese where the words refer to a sculpture or work of art that manages its overall functionality. But one thing will always be different if we refer to this type of furniture. There are some pieces of furniture that truly show style and each one of them is special and unique because they belonged to a different era.

Wingback Chair By Tom Dixon

These maces, though made in the late 19th century, show that the Portuguese designer as a source of inspiration did such an incredible thing. Each one of them is very attractive, modern and will always be appreciated by those who see in their product the artistic side of the designer and his vision.

The maces are present in different designs, but which one is more like a sculpture?Some of them look like modern paintings, but are in fact more appropriate for natures because they are more typical to Portuguese architecture, because they are more likely to be found in Portugal in the first place.

Iconic Pieces: 7 Signature Designs By Award-winning British Designer Tom Dixon

Slab Rectangular Dining Table By Tom Dixon

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