Microsoft Office Prototype of Studio O+A

Microsoft’s office innovation team faced the challenge of creating a new space able to contain even a bunch of employees within arm’s reach. And project team HOYJ&JO chose the spot for their symbol office in Bucharest, Romania. The place is situated next to their company headquarters in Bucharest.

Microsoft – Studio O+A

This is the O+A headquarters from the 13th floor of the tallest building in the country. The place has 55 July Square and resembles a huge and airy place with open spaces in the form of clusters and illuminated walkways that becomes a sort of veil for the optimal interaction between employees and that includes everyone. There are podiums and barbeques along these hallways and they are designed to encourage interactions and to reflect their personalities and inspire them.

The fact that the place is located in a busy city is not the only advantage it offers. This place reflects the creativity and professionalism of Microsoft and attracts people devoted to the people and the environment. This kind of office environment attracts people with passion and tenacity.

The people are dynamic, sometimes they have got crazy ideas, sometimes they get bored and want something better. And they inspire and they become good friends which is the only reason why they call home. But let’s not forget about the places that make them feel happy and peaceful. One of them is this beautiful, large office designed in muted colors like grey, white and black. If you take a look at it you see how important it is to provide enough space for all the different activities you have to do and how it changes with the seasons and the changes of the sky with the lights.

Microsoft O+A Office Interiors

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