M&M House by A21 studio

M&M House is a private residence located in Ljubljana, Slovenia and designed by a21 studio.

M11 House By A21 Studio

The open-air aesthetic is inherent with the space, making the interior look bigger and brighter than it actually is!

M&M House by a21 studio:

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“The landowner of the house is a famous child; she loves following her childhood dream; creating spaces that are more connected with the people surrounding them than the traditional single-family housing projects.

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Therefore, the design is composed of an open space area and an object in close thought; the objects of the open space are not objects to be and are directly related to the house and the place itself – the mountains.

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The object of this open space area is a white cube which contains traditional rooms of the area; the objects of this open space area are objects of a different kind to themselves. When used individually or in groups, they serve to provide a part of the family with personal space to enjoy, whether in social gatherings or in daily routine.

It is important to realize that, although the family is composed of three children, besides the three existing head chairs, several other objects of the stage are still kept in place; they are, in fact, components of the stage of the family room and the spaces where all the children are going to spend time going in and studying.

Valery and Anna Maria Romero have been engaged in the design of the social area as well as the private area and finally the areas where the parents’ bedroom is located.

The process began in 2004 and the area was divided into four equal halves. At the beginning of the year, the harm was again focused on the corridor and the corridor as well, so that the separation was prevented. The separation between the study area and the living room was made using two tables with folding edges, placed so as to obtain the longitudinal section.

For this purpose another table was used, also folding, where the daughter’s bedroom is located. But besides the reading corner and its bed, the bedroom also shares a space with the study and the living area, which was designed with a gap of several inches between the two tables. At the same time it corresponds to the other dividing quadrant, so that when the two table are together, it also gives space to the guest room, which is set some distance back from the entrance.

The separation was also made with the help of wooden trusses, which connect the study to the living room. When both trusses are pulled it, the study and the living room are connected in a very successful way and with a very nice and pleasant way.

The main problem in this apartment which is not a big but just big enough to accommodate a bed was the low height of the ceiling. However, the architects took this opportunity to solve that problem by creating in the living room a ladder that leads to a lower level where the nursery room and the office can be found.

A distinctive feature of this apartment, besides to its size, is the rotating closet system which allows the children’s clothes to be organized in the hangers of the table, making the room more functional. In this way, the nursery can be closed off when not in use and can be closed again when needed.

The color palette selected for the interior of the apartment is resistant as is the overall design. It includes shades of gray with blue accents and yellow, light green, yellow and black, which create a feeling of dynamism.

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