Modern and Vibrant Residence in The Suburb of Melbourne, Australia

This bright and vibrant property can be found in Melbourne, Australia. The residence is a one-storey property and has a very bright and fresh look. The white exterior and clean lines create a crisp and fresh look. The front door features a playful look and instantly creates a fun atmosphere. The residence is opened to the exterior and rises to the height of its balcony.

Where Are The Best Suburbs To Live In Melbourne?

The interior is bright and modern. The white walls create an obscpiness that distinguishes the other part of the house. The light-colored parquet flooring also adds a nice touch to the whole décor. The house also has large windows throughout that provide natural light while also allowing beautiful views to be admired from inside the house. The contrast between the white background and the bright light shades is quite dramatic and visually pleasing. It was very clever the house was to install floor-to-ceiling windows without even having to add any other windows. This way there’s plenty of sunlight.

The ground floor of the residence is an open area with plenty of natural light. The upper level is more private and discreet. It includes a master bedroom and a studio/ office space. The interior décor is minimalist and modern. The walls are white and the wooden floors have a glossy finish.

The residence is very bright and it seems very spacious that partially has been white due to the white combined with bright wooden ceilings. The furniture has a classy and elegant look and there’s also a very nice color contrast between the white sofas and the gray curtains. The property also has a spacious outdoor patio, perfect for relaxing outdoors and admiring the views. In terms of interior design, it’s difficult to compare with anything else that might match with the white background.

Residence In The Suburb Of Melbourne, Australia

Stylish Melbourne Home

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