Modern And Vibrant Residence In The Suburb Of Melbourne, Australia

Once destined to becoming a landmark of the Apple Store, the 180 House in the subdivision of Hawthorn, Melbourne, Australia, underwent expansion planning and development by Coblonal Arquitectos. The need for more space meant that light-filled interior spaces were an imperative part of the new design. Thus an open plan with glass walls was and will remain an essential part of the design, in order to allow natural ventilation and light to seep into the interior.

The contemporary renovation sought to create a dynamic and vibrant living environment through the juxtaposition of two examples which are entirely 2 storey high and that share the same north facing façade. Both are examples of contemporary house designed in a colonial era with some strict rectilinear Heritage guidelines, regarding proportions and inscribing rectangular sections specifically for specific uses of the dwelling.

With the exception of a completely separate upper floor, the upstairs forms a private basement level that is directly connected to the ground floor for maximum flexibility and fluid connection between levels. Space is not fluid and diverse. Windows are small as a result of the optimization of space and materiality, providing added value to limited spaces.

A house with light wells in the large entrance hall with ample storage room achieves a perfect balance between an intimate and luminous living room, a transparent and spacious dining room and open kitchen. The absence of external partition allow for a more spacious living space.

The anthracite-coloured roof in the basement was digitally placed to control sunlight as well as foil to the granite bench in the central hall. The façade was given a contemporary expression so that it perfectly fits with the facade, the harmony of the house being achieved through a careful selection of materials and forms.”

Photos courtesy of Coblonal Arquitectura
Source: Coblonal Arquitectura

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