Modern And Vibrant Residence In The Suburb Of Melbourne

The Subambul Swart House is a private residence designed by Andreas Andersson Architecture.

The home is located in the suburb of Sandberg, a suburb of Portland, in the state of Oregon, USA.

The Subambul Swart House by Andreas Andersson Architecture:

“The goal for this project was to create a modern and vibrant house on a 80 acre site in the suburb of Sandberg, Oregon. The site faces a large neighboring building while the street orientation fills up the characteristic characteristics of the street. This house engages with the neighborhood via its multiple frontings and volumes “wanting” out of it. The composition of the house is playful and playful in its form, wrapping around wooden decking and siding, landscaping and the stair and its entry.

The house consists of 4 floors, the main living spaces are on the main level with an upper floor housing a guest/off-duty room. Guest spaces include a studio apartment, laundry room and boiler, a half bath and an outdoor shower. The complete house sets up a perimeter and frames a picture of the neighborhood.”

Photos by: Jeremy Bittermann

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