Modern Apartment in Sweden for a Young Couple and Their Children

This house is modern and hip, perfect for a young couple, where the interiors are warm, and the bright colors can easily remind of the summer sky, giving a great boost for the senses.

Modern Apartment In Sweden

Designed by Mal Picturesen, this brick house is located in a neighborhood, located in a fairly developed area, that is just a stroll from Plambiz, in the Swedish city of Gotland.The classic chileware tile is complimented by a contrasting, but still bright, light yellow wall, to give a new look to the kitchen and bathroom walls.

The kitchen cabinets are painted in cool tones, and the red fridge adds a touch of fun and flare to the space. The glazed sliding door to the bathroom is provided with a shutter, offering the residents a protected area for children, all quickly transformed with the use of specially designed blinds. What’s more, the rainwater harvesting system is installed at a staggered angle, taking advantage of the windows to cast light.

Small Apartment With Well-Planned Layout And Luxurious Contemporary Design

The modern design of the bathroom is another amazing feature. The rustic wood framed glass door is a mirror, and the white walls, exposed wooden beams and slate flooring enhance the very rustic atmosphere of the bathroom. The shelves and desk are wonderfully modern and minimalist, and the glass sink and the round mirror are modern accessories. The general look is neutral, with the occasional avant-garde detail, made even more interesting by the fact that there are also potted plants displayed in the children’s rooms.

Small Apartment With Well-Planned Layout And Luxurious Contemporary Design

Cool Modern Loft Apartment In Gothenburg

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