Cool Modern Loft Apartment In Gothenburg

We’re all tiny, which is why it’s important to feel comfortable in a space if you’re staying there for a longer period of time. This particular apartment is a perfect example. It’s located in Gothenburg and it has a total surface of 76 square meters. It’s situated on the third floor and it has a very modern design both inside and out.

Before you can even place your laptop on the wooden table outside and get settled in, you need to remove all the furniture. As you’re doing that, you need to be careful when choosing all the furniture. It has to be ergonomic and it’s up to you to decide what you need and how it should be. What it all starts with, however, is to understand what each piece has to offer and to take into consideration all the details.

The apartment features a beautiful balcony which was especially designed to offer panoramic and long strokes of light. This means that the internal structure is flexible and gives the apartment a casual and open feel. The rooms are sleek but also cozy. A great feature is the long dining table that links the kitchen and living room and extends some of the furniture to also form a larger entertainment area.

There’s also a beautiful balcony which was designed with tiles in a very stylish manner. There’s a great contrast between the stone counter and the wooden dining table. They stand out but also blend in nicely thanks to their sleek design. As you can see, this apartment has a very warm and welcoming interior and it’s all due to the beautiful green décor details.

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