Modern, Newly Renovated Apartment In Kungsholmen, Stockholm, Sweden

This beautiful apartment is located in Kungsholmen, a region of Stockholm, Sweden. The apartment has a 16-metre-long terrace on the third floor and a plot of 20m2. It’s currently for sale at the price of 10 million €.

The interior is charming, simple, stylish and modern. The apartment occupies the last North Western district of the city. The location is convenient but the interior needs to be carefully chosen. It’s near the church, railway station, business center, the D Village and plenty of other attractions. The internal structure is simple but infused in the décor. There are many architectural details in there that serve as a focal point. The apartment has stairs, a lift, tall windows and a beautiful stone fireplace in the living room. The living room features large windows that provide views on the medieval Old Town. The windows also provide lots of natural light.

There are two reception rooms, a large bedroom, a bathroom and a utility room. The kitchen is spacious and has lots of work surfaces. It also includes a large prep space. The apartment can accommodate up to three bedrooms. It has chic arched flooring throughout and lots of storage. It also includes an elegant dining room with a square table. There’s also a separate kitchen that has a large fridge, a microwave and a sink. It’s a very convivial space and it’s used for both relaxation and work.{found on skeppsholmen}.

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