Modern Swedish Apartment With Snazzy Scandinavian Charm!

Swedes are no stranger to styles that are retro and midcentury modern. But when a Swedish interior combines with a creative background and clean, simple lines, things just don’t break the bank. That’s exactly what makes modern interior design so exciting. Keeping that in mind, we present you here a space where modern-style elegance combines with a gorgeous, Scandinavian-inspired color palette and neutral hues to bring the villa right up to date.

The key to the modern style this Swedish apartment offers is simplicity and functionality. Just one or two small windows in the living room can create a bright and spacious visual appeal, as well as help in creating a cozy, inviting and ergonomic home. Due to the color palette and the modern decor you can see how the bedroom brings Scandinavian ergonomics plenty of visual bang for your buck.

A space where bright colors take center stage, the living area is a light-filled and spacious space. The coffee table is both stylish and practical, thanks to its easy-care material and the simple, straight lines. The light pendant lamp and the bookshelves give back color meant to highlight the upper floor. Furthermore, the wooden floor tiles and the greenery in front of the table extend the light source into the living area, drawing the eye up to the ceiling.

Built-in shelving units and smart lighting hanging above the sleek shelves are just some of the features of this adorable apartment. They turn the kids’ spaces from adult to child and teen rooms into high-end spaces. The apartment is also a great example of how to use color, textural contrast and a diverse base palette to create a pleasant and kid-friendly setting. If you didn’t find something that complements your teen’s bedroom, you can still find elements that will do the trick!

Customized stickers on the walls and the floor are a great way to introduce color and creativity to the room. The lower level of the apartment features cozy furnishings that were made by an international designer, the luxurious Mezzanine bed. The brilliant headboard, plush rug and brilliant lamp, highlighted by the artwork are just a few of the many.

The creative use of wood continues in the master bedroom. Off-hand, charming accent pillows and an iron bed showcase modernist design, highlighted by the wheels of the floor lamp. To add even more personality, the rug in front of the modern chair is a piece we would expect to see in a traditional home. Its heavily patterned design and touch of texture add a refined touch to the contemporary interior.

With full-wall art accompanying the artwork, every room of the apartment has a unique story. From the luxurious lacquered lacquered bookshelf to the cozy leather chairs at the breakfast bar, a wide-open design is refreshing and unique. And don’t expect to get a bright and airy wall behind the art. This apartment exceeds expectations.

The Scandinavian influence here is highlighted in the kitchen and dining spaces as well. White lacquered cabinets are brought in to provide more tidy grayish-blue tones. Built-in appliances and minimal furnishings help to visually open up the space without sacrificing elegance.

A splash of pattern is also known for its effect on the overall minimalist decor scheme. The area rug on the wall behind the contemporary wooden chair and the potted plants in front of the window is all an open-space fact! The only “attempt” to create a contrast was when the children’s room’s wall aligned with the dining table wall. This creates a playfully contrasting focal point.

In the bedroom area, an unexpected pop of green from floor to ceiling, walls covered in indoor plants. The concept is a little bit different and aptly named “Cascade” Stone, it adds a little dramatic accent to a mostly neutral and neutral bed chosen by Emily Henderson (no stranger to the blogs!). Decor accents add vibrant pops of color to the room without being a distraction.

The bathroom is an interesting mixing of two styles. The vintage vanity and geometric freestanding concrete tub turn this large room from “an apartment into a hotel.” It’s an off-center, urban getaway in the most northwestern metropolitan area of the United States. This is an area that receives a lot of heat for its warm climate and occasionally extreme heat, so curtain glass provides a protected respite from heat.

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