Small Apartment With Well-Planned Layout And Luxurious Contemporary Design

The beautiful design of this apartment, with its well-planned layout and sophisticated detailing, gave us great pleasure, as this kind of house has always been characterized by its simplicity and elegance.

The heart of the house is the living/dining room, which is decorated entirely in white, with elegant and modern sofas hanging over the contemporary table.

Through the floor-to-ceiling glass doors, we can see the entirety of the house, all the modern furnishings and objects used in it, while a glimpse of the cuisine can be felt from the dining table.

In terms of color, we notice the most delicate, elegant, and sophisticated objects. In the living room, we can notice a modern fireplace with an elegant stone structure, as well as industrial elements, with a concrete support.

The master bedroom is, of course, modern and minimalist. It overlooks the kitchen, and has a transparent glass wall that allows us to have a natural light in the different areas of the house, as well as the views of the surrounding forests and hills.

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