Small Apartment With Well-Planned Layout And Luxurious Contemporary Design

It is often the most unplanned and peculiar tiny changes that become an important part of a renovation or renovation that make all of us look forward to maximizing the available space and adapting the best out of the resources and ideas present in the building’s new interior design. It makes, for example, entering a home from a comfortable vantage point, much more important to have discovered the space first in line and applying smart storage to absolute efficiency when prepping food and serving instead of forcing you to flawlessly blend into the structure of the kitchen.

As this studio apartment in Taiwan showcases, it is no small rods of storage that can transform a small and unused space into a beautiful and carefully-planned reading nook, a compact living room, bedroom and even bathroom! To ensure that the minimal yet cozy decor does not seem overpowering, the designers arranged the apartment with a small rooftop space right at the center of the apartment in order to give it an easily accessible aspect and also offer those who are looking for more space a spacious rooftop deck!

One of the primary requirements of these 320 square foot apartments was an open, airy and modern ambiance where every little detail seems to be complemented by the gorgeous use of natural finishes and a wonderful sense of openness thanks to the way in which the bookshelves seem to blend into the wooden partitions yet somehow maintain their privacy. Of course, this does not mean that they have to work just like any other room in the house! Instead of using solid walls that block most of the light and give the small apartment an airy and light-flooded look, smart storage units, cabinets and slim wall-mounted units that can be easily repositioned, make the transition between the living room and the bedroom even easier and more seamless.

The sensless vibe created by the open living area, bedroom and chic kitchen helps them feel much more spacious than they do on the inside. An airy and cheerful hub where you can easily wiggle the space to add additional extra features; a DIY bathtub and a small dishwasher right beside them; a compact kitchen, a master bedroom with panoramic windows; a swing bed and a modern trompe l’oeil vanity; we do not know whoished the idea of living in a space so large that it could use a modest ergonomic makeover!

Instead of using curvy or crowded room definitions, the designers use a more drape-like ‘panels’ across the room. Having the windows pushed back against the panels for maximum privacy and also gives the room a more elongated look has been used on all the bedrooms in NYC, including this stylish master suite. You can experience the marvel of contemporary NYC NYC in this gorgeous bachelor pad with an unmistakable retro style!

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