Swedish Apartment Boasts Exciting Mix Of Old And New

With more than 800 square meters of living space, this apartment is a delight for the eyes and the mind. With modern tricks that take the living place in a traditional setting, the apartment surprises with its sheer ingenuity and modern innovations that stand out among the already modern pieces.

Designers have divided the spaces along two different axis. On one hand, the entrance foyer was incorporated into a sort of large-scale mural with moving bare stones that decorate the wall. On the other hand, the bedroom and bathroom workstation that is just as well. A visually realistic environment is highlighted in the form of an elegant and colorful mirror that reflects the moods and colors of the room.

Even though the living area is demarcated into some space, the bedroom is a more focused retreat. The designers chose an angled wall of multi-toned wood to keep the otherwise open look cohesive while also adding a few subtle pops of color. Despite being right next to the Central Park, the apartment still manages to draw away from the surrounding urban environment by staying quietly warm and cozy.

Not everything on the shelves of the bedroom speaks to the refined chic of the living space. For example, the mix of styles and materials in the living room is very special and commanding. The designer played a game with pillars and beams making them appear to be supports, almost towers. Architectural accents and sparse decor complete a refined yet minimal interior in the most modern way.

Just outside the living room is the spacious dining room. Here, too, lush plants add a touch of greenery to give the space an organic and natural feeling. The dark tones on the walls create the effect of a soft natural canopy that surrounds the table. The dark floor keeps the room from feeling too dark because of the reduced artificial light. And, oh my!

To recreate that minimalist feel in the living room, create a similarly rich wal grey on the ceiling. For a more modern touch, use a less invasive but functional lighting system. The darker shades create an interesting and detailed contrast in the living room. And, as is the case with this apartment, all the furnishings are clean lines, which are the basis for an everyday space. ( Worth mentioning, Hans Rasmussen is a close of the architect’s office and is strongly involved with the design team during all stages of design.)

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