The Modern Design Of The Old Apartment In Sweden

This modern and beautiful apartment is located in Sweden. It has been recently restored. Now it’s a loft that also offers splendid and amazing views of the city skyline. It’s located on the third floor of the building and it’s a very bright and modern apartment, with an industrial design.The building in which the apartment is located was constructed in 1929. It has been renovated many times but only recently it suffered a drastic makeover. In 2008 it got a completely new look. It’s a minimalist structure and internal structure was completely changed along with the internal measurements. The apartment got new walls, ceilings and the last interior curtain was replaced with a new one. The makeover was drastic but the results are impressive.

The main reason why the change was so dramatic was because of the internal structure and layout. Notice how simple and airy all the spaces were. A lot of main functional pieces were created and we’ll find them all nicely combined with the clean lines and absence of any unnecessary elements.

This 1,600 square foot apartment needs more storage space but, due to the isolated function, it also offers more flexibility. The total floor area is now somewhere between 1,400 and 1,571. What’s also impressive is how well the same elements were combined and combined. The apartment is simple but it has it all: a clean kitchen, a layout that allows the free space to be comfortable, a cozy bedroom with lots of closets, a living room that can be closed off with a sliding door and what were previously occupied by the living room. The living room now accommodates the dining room, a compact kitchen, as well as a music room with one of the walls removed. A set of cabinets allowed the living room to become larger and the color palette more dynamic and friendly.

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