Modern Beds That Will Keep You Together

Bed bugs are pretty scary. At some point they’ve decided upon a form of action and they’ll crawl up the mattress and carefully elect to eat the stuffing. If you’re the kind of person who sits the most upright in bed and stands with breath on as they dre rapidly as they’re supposed to, you need to get your bed ready for bed. And it has to be a perfect mattress. If you’re not sure the right one will suit your needs, keep reading. But before you worry about the right kind of beddings, we’ve prepared a selection of 15 modern beds with cozy, comfort and looks.

Olson Modern Platform Bed From AED 1499

The partnership between TNO and Swiss designer Andreas Berliner resulted in this beautiful and comfortable bed. The shape of the frame is reminiscent of a boat and the soft, padded cushions are comfy and inviting. This contemporary bed is available in two sizes. You can choose from a variety of different designs, the most popular being the three-seater one. The mattress on the bottom is adjustable and very spacious. You can also choose a box spring with a good mattress support. The bed’s overall dimensions are 85? x 35? x 26?. The center of the frame forms an X and the mattress pad is 20? x 25? x X.Available for $3,499.

The Fuf offers, besides the overall dimensions and shape, a set of additional bed frames also called Tabattin. They are called Slice and they are each made from lightweight but very strong plastic combined with solid hard plastic. They are sold separately and you can choose to create your own bed frame or to purchase sets of two or more.Available for $85.

Floating Wooden Bed

The same Tabattin bed frame also offers the Full bed twin structure. It features a simple but stylish design and it offers the bed width that nearly makes it the perfect size for a twin. The bed frame is made of solid wood and is available in many sizes. The bed frame is available in a high-gloss finish and measures 33? wide x 21? deep x 25? high.

Top 10 Modern Beds

Try the Twin Mate bed frame if you want something with a sturdy frame designed to last for a long time. Why not also purchase matching nightstands and lamps? The Frame Works Loft Bed includes everything you need. It has a simple design inspired by the 1950s furniture. It’s also the perfect piece if you want to decorate a children’s room.Available for $400.

Modern Bed Designs That Will Transform A Drab Bedroom

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