Modern Beds That Will Transform A Drab Bedroom

When the Drab is to become an accent feature in an interior design scheme, beds are going to need to stand out or showcase their defining characteristics to best compliment the decor. Designing a bedroom, whether positive or negative, involves much more than just a shift in the overall style. It also involves a change in the material and finish, or at the very least an alteration of everything around it.

That’s where a bed with a cool and stylish design come in very handy in the first place. These sleek and minimalistic beds have the sleek sophistication necessary to steal the show in some very urbane bedrooms around the world. A cool bed with a strong presence takes the place of a mere overbearing headboard, contrasting the masculine concrete elements while keeping two very important elements in the design of the room intact.

Not every time that you step into a bedroom, that trendy and highly functional bed is the one giving you the best night’s sleep. Some people head to bed in the early morning hours, whereas others are in full rest after a long day, but this is definitely not a general post for everyone. Most of us need a little bit of something to liven things up a bit. Cool bedding is the ideal solution for many of the ladies looking to switch up the appearance of the room. From plush and polished to spare and contemporary, here is a look at the models with which you can enjoy the best of both worlds – timeless and trendy.

Cozy, Majious Beds

A trendy bed is a perfect addition to a kid’s room or a cool kids’ play room where they might want to set up a party a little bit. For the gentle sleepers who want to make a bed, there are beds in which designed with gliding panels, often with vertical closures, that allow the bed to be positioned on a single ‘stick’ board on the headboard. These are immensely comfortable and obviously cheaper than the classic rectangular models.

On the other hand, freestanding beds are essentially free standing beds that are easy on the skin. These tend to be more sleek and present a more refined look to the home. They are more convenient for climbers who tend to regularly climb up and down the trays.

Of course, you can opt for a recliner or two instead of a classic, modern recliner. This reduces the amount of foot support needed, and also gives the beds a contemporary edge.

Dying with Natural Goodness

As we discussed earlier, beds done in natural materials can add an affordable cost to the home, but if you really want to give them an airy look, then solid wood offers you that problem. These are built with large holes, at the sides of the bed, that resemble the headboard, and come with wooden layers and faux leather for a luxe look.

Solid wood never looks better on its very own. Plus, it pairs well with all other furnishings on your bed that are lightweight and contemporary. You can even get chairs made from this material and casually place them on the floor next to one of these.

Make Sure Everything Seems to Work

This is such a great time to give your bed a seriously makeover. You didn’t think you had a ton of room for not even on the first night. It’s time to think outside the box and go Gianfranco Ferré thinking that turning a bed into a stand-out red, white and blue wardrobe could create value. You’ll get value from the platform and high pile o the magnificent red stencils.

Style Your Bed

o the bedroom, make sure you have plenty of style. Don’t just slip “just” a few pillows onto the bed. Instead, use colors or even patterns in your favorite design that will increase the sophisticated factor. Or even mix and match stripes, polka dots and pillows that have great prints because they just work together to create an allure. Don’t overlook the lighting. Sleek batteries and that dainty touch will keep the bedroom from feeling too heavy.

Choose Good Lighting

Lighting is extremely important in any bedroom, but especially in a small bedroom. The main problem with adding lights to a bedroom is if and when is will make the room feel smaller. That’s where good lighting comes in handy.

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