Modern DIY Paperback Christmas Trees

Christmas is just around the corner so I thought it would be nice to share with you a few ideas that might help with the decorations and decorative details that you can normally find on the Christmas tree this year. Maybe you’d like to try something like paper-based Christmas trees. They’re the kind of things that add texture to a place and make you feel closer to the festive spirit of Christmas. These paper-esque Christmas trees can be the perfect project to try. All you need are some paper mache trees and some extra yarn.

How To Make Trees (or Christmas Trees) Out Of Paperback Books

Christmas paper-clad trees are a very simple and actually very beautiful Christmas idea. The whole project has to be done before starting decorating the trees. If you really don’t want to do the whole thing yourself then you can just use a paint pen. You could use an old sticker or letter printed paper. You could also use an old t-shirt to make a nice gift.

These Christmas tree-ify coasters are quite easy to make as well. You need green paper plates, foam coasters, green craft foam, zip ties, green zip ties and green velvet ribbon. If you need more than one of these you can make them all look very chic. You’ll also need tape and green markers. You’ll also need a printer, a cutter, a pen or a pen, scissors and some paint. Start by printing out the templates and then print them out using a jiffy. After that just cut out each one out of green foam and then repeat the process.

At one end of the project we mentioned red ribbon. Here’s how you make Christmas tree decorations out of red paper coasters. You need around 200 blue coasters for each tree, sponge glue and a hot glue gun. If you want to also add a star shape to the decorations project you’ll need around 220 more as well. Cut out a Christmas tree ornament roughly 27” long and three smaller ones. Attach them to an old tree and then hang them on the wall or on a tree. You can use glue to avoid damaging the tree.

How To Make A Modern DIY Paperback Christmas Trees

These coasters are also pretty easy to make. You need red paper, Christmas pattern paint, a snowflake mold, glue and felt. Make 12 houses and then spread them using a wet-like layer of snowflakes. No glue is required. Then make a green patch with felt filling and attach it to the wall. It’s a simple and fun project which you can use whenever you get bored with the initial design.

Let’s make some snowflakes as big as you want. You need around 200 or 300 snowflakes and a hot glue gun. Once you have made that pile of snow, start gluing on the berries one by one and make sure you manage to fill the first layer. Then you go back and lay out all the pieces to see how they’d look like.

Another cute idea can be to glue a snowflake ornament to a pillow. You’ll also need a carousel, a hot glue gun or a dowel, silver star print and some string. Start by printing the letters on silver Star print. Trace them on the fabric of a wreath and glue the ends of the wreath to the silver star print letters and then glue the strings to the silver star letters and then add some more felt to the bottom of the wreath. Repeat until you cover the fabric of the wreath in silver stars.

Candle decorations.

Candles are always beautiful decorations. It’s why they make great focal points and beautiful centerpiece colors. You could make some great candles out of gold paint. You basically take a cup and a candle. The paint chips are glued on so you can paint the whole thing. The gold paint is set to make the candle look amazing.

If you want, you can make some lovely gold leaf wall art. All you have to do is spray paint the canvases. The candles will be made of gold leaf and gold spray paint will come out golden. Make four lines with the painted inside and then adhere the rest of the piece to the canvas. At the end attach a hot glue behind each line and glue the outs to the canvas. For an even effect, glue loose gold paint around the outs and rot though the art.

So, as you can see, making gold leaf candle holders isn’t that hard. It’s actually really easy and you can personalize each piece to make it exactly how you want it. You can use different shades for each piece.

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