Modern Refuge Becomes An Organic Fresh Residence

The Cross Pavilion is a project conducted by Randy Brown Architects. It’s not the only cabin or summer house that had such a memorable and interesting history. The project is also characterized by great respect for the environment and the needs of its future inhabitants.

Organic House Design

This is a project designed for a couple that decided to build their new permanent residence here. They wanted it to become a part of the place and to become a part of their garden.

They designed the building to look like a modern barn with eye-catching chandeliers casually hanging above it like in the middle of nature. The entry then leads to a series of stairs. Their asymmetrical design makes them stand out.

The interior is bright, airy and simple. The kitchen is separated from the living area by a glass wall. There’s a kitchen island that divides the dining space and that serves as a sort of large kitchen counter, perfect for filling with food and entertainment while sitting there with a book.

Modern Refuge Organic Fresh Residence

The living room is simple and modern. It has a built-in wall unit which includes storage compartments underneath and a small armchair placed above the table. The sofa is complemented by a two-seater combo complemented by cushions and a coffee table.

Both the living room and the kitchen are similarly-shaped and so are the rest of the spaces. This way there’s a nice balance between looks and functionality.

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