Modern Residence in the Netherlands – a Mix Between Churches and Businesses

Renovation project by Netherlands-based architectural firm ardomat design.KLK, completed in 2013, takes a different turn. While originally employing a conventional approach to structure, this project closes architectural convention and focuses on alternative solutions which could be adapted to suit the particular location where it is located.

Modern House In The Netherlands Updates A Tradition

It is therefore logical to begin this renovation project on finding a new and perhaps even spiritual purpose for the buildings. Besides offering a new name, the recent renovation respects the church’s existing function as well as the industrial character of the structure. The project should provide a framework for the structure’s continuous transformation into an integrating urban piece with an air of authenticity and respect for its past. The dialogue between churches and cities is as interesting and even more stark between the existing modern structures and the new interventions.

As the project in question, the size of the residence has been fixed at €650.00, which translates into a private “vice” area of the house. The existing winding staircase connects the two floors and allows access to the upper areas. The ceiling for the main floor is also made of copper while the floors are black marble. The contemporary art adds some sparkle to the setting, which translates into a unique ambiance.

Dutch Design Meets Modern Artistry

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