Mop House by A-cero

Spanish architectural firm A-cero has designed the Mop house.

Mop House By AGI Architects

Completed in 2010, this contemporary home is located in Galicia, Spain. It features clean and elegant lines, but also a comfortable and artistic design.

The Mop house by A-cero:

“Not so long ago, the massive contemporary house near the Colina peninsula was built as an urban development adjacent to the road and the forest next door. The plot is surrounded by a forest of almond trees, and the facade looks pretty closed , like a dry stone.

A Cero Modular House

However, after converting fully the bay of the plot into a holiday house with a swimming pool on the first floor, it was possible to connect it to the house by a bridge over a lake.

A Cero Luanco

Today the house has seven rooms with a living room, terrace, bbq and garden, all in very close proximity to the swimming pool and the forest.

A Cero Architecture Studio

The terrace covers the main bedroom, and is decorated with a bbq. chest of drawers, a spacious bathroom and a social hall with stairs that connect it to the master bedroom.

Mop House

The work of the Spanish artist Casita Calixto, the terrace covers the main bedroom as well, being the most contemporary part of the house, and also the terrace and bbq cabinets on the terrace, which are strategically designed so that the inhabitants can move the white sculpture and the terrace directly under the roof’s height.

A Cero Concrete House

The main bedroom has two large white stone paintings, and the stainless steel kitchen – and also the black bar walls.

Acero Casas

Three levels, all with access to balconies were taken into consideration, with a total floor area of 136 square meters, the first floor consisting of the master bedroom and the children’s suites, the hotel’s services areas and the external landscaping.
The study / guest bedroom with the master bathroom and the guest terrace were located on the first floor.

The art

The idea was, to create a contemporary environment appropriate for young people, who are usually more attracted by modern art, created by RubBible, so they could also benefit of the space.
The pallet of colors and the cover of the bricked were the main elements that defined the character of the house.

Some of the pallet’s planimetry was removed, to reduce the number of rooms, so we could take advantage of the space available and applied the hydraulic treatment system, with an innovative paint finish, improving the facades, inside and outside the house.
The color palette is composed by earthy tones, accented with tones of blue, white, mauve, black and gray.”

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