New House in an Oldenkur village by DVA Arhitekta

This new house is located in an old stone church known as Kystefel’tschach. It is surrounded by beautiful oak trees and by the nearby lake and meadows. It was designed by DVA Arhitekta.

DVA ARHITEKTA, Family House In Serdarova Street

The contemporary style was chosen for the interior and it has a minimalist style that gives it a special atmosphere. The house is very relaxing and inviting, provides the perfect accommodation for its owners. These are the conditions of this new project.

It’s a great place to live in. It has everything you need and more. It is situated on a very large lot of land and the existing buildings are all carefully landscaped. The beautiful oak trees that surround the house place are a very important element as they give shade to the place. It makes the house look like it’s been carefully designed, but it also contributes to the whole idea of the home and the harmony between nature and the human kind as well as the contemporary and cozy design.

The contrast is very nice. The house is very bright and modern and it’s a perfect choice for a family. It is not only the perfect home for a family but also the right space for all the members of the family. It’s the perfect design for a weekend or holiday house.

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