Peaceful and Relaxing Florida Beach by MLK Studio Inc

Beautiful Beachfront lifestyle and design agency has completed an amazing vacation spot in Florida Beach, a lovely mansion and its surrounding. Although the house itself does look a bit rough and dreary, due to the perspective windows a little better and more distant than expected, the house ultimately gives residents a sense of refuge and serenity.

Relaxing Florida Beach By MLK Studio Inc

Just by looking at it you can easily understand the direction in which the space is directed. The intention was not only to make the house more energy efficient but also to make it feel extremely familiar to family and neighbors. The decor was also carefully chosen to match the local climate.

Peaceful And Relaxing Florida Beach By MLK Studio Inc

In addition to the already concrete walls and the landscape similarities also appear in the interior design. The wooden ceiling looks so warm and cozy, similar to the ambiance of the living areas from that particular building. The same goes for the floors. Over the floors and on them plywood stairs individual stair treads line up and traverse the stairs. Around the treads wooden treads are staggered, providing each person a more comfortable and unique space while also being very adaptable for each other.

The interior of the home is bright and cheery. The decor is simple yet quirky. The living and dining rooms have glazed doors that lead to large open gathering space, letting the owners and their guests have an almost limitless view of the ocean and its many waves. This lets sun into the home but limits the view in other ways as well. Home forgot behind closed doors, where the staffansen or service ravens hides an unexpected and curious Tea light.

The Outdoor Dining Pavilion By MLK Studio

Peaceful Florida Beach By MLK Studio Inc

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