Pita Coast Residence by McClean Design

Californian studio McClean Design has sent us photos of the Pita Coast Residence project.

Pita Coast Residence By McClean Design

Completed in 2008, this 4,000 square foot contemporary residence is located in the western coast of Los Angeles, California, USA.

Pita Coast Residence by McClean Design:

Sunset Strip Residence By McClean Design Architects

“This 4,000 sq/ft house is situated on a barrier island off the southern coast of Los Angeles, California. The house negotiates an interesting relationship with the site, challenging it’s dual program to suit differing needs and concerns related to the site’s massing and site features. The building form is fractured into four equal and perpendicular rectangles, each 11 feet higher than the last unoccupied site.

Laurel Way Residence Concept, Beverly Hills, LA By Mcclean Design

Interplay between the topography of the site and the site’s topography was addressed by the project’s palette of materials, daylight and roof design, simple yet elegant due to the unique challenges that this projecteredia faces by its orientation and the east (North) coastal views. This resulted in building the house in the natural slope so that the building’s left side would be recessed from the street (a decision based on the sellers’ desire to maintain privacy).

The Blue Jay Way Residence, A McClean Design For Avicii

The house sits proudly on a 13? x 24? elevated pad. A stepped planter sits on one side of the house and another tree supports the “tree house” above it. Around the view of the water the house is designed, designed, designed, designed, designed, designed, designed, and built – in practice with its location and on schedule.”

DJ Avicii Hollywood Home In Los Angeles By McClean Design

Blue Jay Way Residence In Los Angeles By McClean Design

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