Polish Company Apartment Bar Contains Innovative Mobile Solution

If you’re tired of the same old and white designs and you’re ready for a new approach, we have a suggestion you might like. It’s a mobile store that offers everything a rent can offer. The same thing can be said about this furniture collection. This is Apartmentbar, a very beautifully balanced collection of wooden cubes. The company was founded by Andrew Ganjavong from Ayana and his latest creation is this collection of movable cubes.

Mini Bar For Apartment Ideas That Can Create You Relax

It’s called Apartmentboard W probably the most striking elements of this collection. These are basically just small moveable furniture pieces. The pieces can be collapse in both cases and the principle is very simple and yet ingenious. The pieces have fully rotating elements that provide maximum comfort. Some of them are extend the living room for the small friends as well as for special occasions. Also, we admire the fact that the pieces can be easily folded and stored away when not needed.

It’s a very lightweight collection that has elegant shapes and versatile elements that allow it to be used in a variety of different decors. This means you can use it in a restaurant for example, a home office, bedroom, maybe even a public hall or a lounge area.

Creative Bar Decorating Ideas For Your Home And Apartment

A new age more modern version of a comfy armchair

Perfect for any living-room or bedroom, this armchair features a very interesting yet rather unusual design. That’s because this piece basically folds and unfolds like a book. It almost seems like the book opened and then it disappears into the fabric. That’s due to its continuous moving and rotating parts. This doesn’t suggests the book was just thrown into a big box like most of the pieces of furniture do but rather a more subtle version of that.

Polish Company Apartment Bar Contains Innovative Mobile Solution

This movable armchair is very comfortable as well as very eye-catchy. The white scratches and paneled exterior walls hide this piece in two ways. First, it becomes a bookcase and, in a way, it becomes a guard rail but also a very comfortable piece of furniture. Second, it completely changes its appearance. The Amber armchair folds itself to the side, offers a comfortable resting spot and here it only remains upright when a book is turned into a stool or a side table.

Polish Company Apartment Bar

Very cozy, this bookcase serves as a side table and, in the same time, as a private location for extra guests. The Kitty bookcase, as it name from the very beginning reveals its real form, a book in which each little flower bud is balanced on a magazine holder. The same delicate elegance that seems to be the design of this piece of furniture becomes more evident when one realizes the powerful structural strength of the book end table and its compact design. You can buy it now for $299.

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