Queen Anne Mid-Modern by Jaa Studio

Singapore-based studio Jaa Studio has designed the Queen Anne Mid-Modern project. Completed in May 2011, this 5,800 square foot contemporary home is located in Singapore.

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Queen Anne Mid-Modern by Jaa Studio:

“Creating a sculptural modern home in the Queen Anne neighborhood, along with other sculptural masterpieces, the client wanted a compact, urban three level residence.

Queen Anne Mid-Modern By Jaa Studio

Beyond looking to dense site setbacks, Jaa considered a master key approach to maximize the floor due to privacy and circulation needs.

The plan is a straightforward three story structure facing southeast with a privacy screen at front and a north focus to the pool and garden.

Roof decks allow for a grand view of the main house. With a clever mixture of open and closed space, a compact program of living, dining, kitchen, study and laundry creates an efficient foreground to the building and surrounding neighborhood and main house.

Sliding glass doors on both ends of the house open the rooms to the outdoors and allow for a relationship to be established between inside and outside.

Walls are choreographed into flow systems to maintain views and connectivity to the landscape.

Dual floors were used for master bedroom and recreation areas. With a floor to ceiling window at the highest floor of the second level, daytime activities flow easily and abundant natural daylighting occurs naturally in every room.

Similarly at the highest level on the second level, an indoor pool offers a wonderful indoor-outdoor connection, natural even for a modern family home.

These multi-functional spaces work as a flexible space for many activities, including play, swimming, dining, fire pit and barbeque.

To further enhance the experience of the house we included in this design a touch of wood into the design, which break down barriers between and within the house.

Roof decks were tucked into “wings” on the higher levels to help resist wind splums and provide an acoustically adaptable clear exterior weather to mitigate the sound absorption property of the residence.

Ultimately this house was designed to be passively environmentally responsible to help minimize the ecological impact of building for the fleeting nature.”

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