Sensory Structure Inspired by Eco-friendly Architecture

Nature is the source of ultimate comfort for some. For them, everything must be perfect. No matter it is made of wood, stone, plants or furniture made of grass. The objects seen by us are usually things that we enjoy and feel while watching nature and appreciate its beauty. It is interesting to notice how even the slightest imperfection or difference, no matter it is in the structure or arrangement of things, can make us feel perfectly after a long time of work. It is also the case of this beautiful building designed by Archipeloman. The building is made of two towers, two of which have been put together like pieces of a puzzle made by folding a few pieces together like pieces of a puzzle, reproducing the same thing.

Sustainable Architecture Concept

The idea of reproducing the same thing was the one that guided the designer when finding the way to build this beautiful building. The two towers are interconnected by glass screens and there are no intricate designs that need their structure. Glass was used for the ceilings that also suffer frompes, the under-floor space that is filled with concrete. Both towers have three floors and the interior is much brighter and shiny. The spiral structures resemble tree rings and the visual impact is stronger. The balconies are made of glass and the residence covers the entire building with a thin layer of wood.

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