Slanted Ceiling Designs That Have Impressed With Their Magnificent Designs

We rarely find Ceared ceilings that are sloped and sprawling with curves. But they can also be quite modest if you want a room that looks similar to a regular one and has good light fittings. But with that in mind, today we’re going to have a look at some beautiful ceiling designs that aren’t just stylish but also good-looking.

Slanted Ceiling Home Design And Decorating Ideas

This is a magnificent projection space with a ceiling that peaks perfectly to the left and creates a soft and delicate curtain that is actually extending the curved portion of the wall. It’s an abstract design that we’d like to replicate in a similar way.

Not all projecting ceilings look the same. There are exceptions and you need to be extra careful not to fall all the way out the room and to leave safety in the details. The image is partially visible once you step back inside.

Stylish Homes With Slanted Ceilings

Designed by Naoto Fukasawa, this ornate projecting ceiling is very impressive. The ceiling has details all over it, from the ascending and falling ceiling, to the natural wood grain and also the subtle lighting. The interior is decorated with dark blue tones and this gives it a elegant and also sophisticated look. The ceiling also has a very nice classical and antique look, but what’s really interesting is the position of the skylights.

Classy Slanted Ceilings Design Ideas That Abound With Elegance Warmth

The projecting ceiling designed by this firm puts emphasis on the beauty of the natural texture of the wood and the warm colors used there.

Slanted Ceiling Designs That Have Impressed With Their Magnificent Designs

Not all projecting ceilings look the same. In some cases it’s the design itself that helps, with the beautiful texture or coloring used or the light that illuminates the ceiling and the way it tainted the walls or really change the atmosphere in the room.

Slanted Ceiling Designs With Their Magnificent Designs

These gorgeous skylights seen here unify the whole décor in the room and highlight the wonderful panorama. What I like the most is the fact that the décor is kept simple and very simple at all times. The range of colors and the contrasts are eye-catching, although they’re not particularly different from what the rest of the space needs to offer.

Slanted Ceiling Designs That Have Impressed With Their Magnificent Designs

A very graceful and imposing structure can be similarly inspiring. It may be simple but it still manages to look luxurious. This skylight lets in natural light and creates a nice display for the room.

Sloped Ceiling Design Ideas

We now return to the different-looking elements of an old building, the entrance for one of them. The curves and the beautiful arched door are the elements that give character to this area and that make the difference.

Villa Lugano by Demetris Panini, via DO Deigned Architecture.

The door has been designed to match the stone walls and that gives the facade an elegant allure. The weather allows it to have that particular shape and has also been painted by hand to match the stone and the local stone- processing technique used for the exterior walls of the building.

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