Small Apartment Designed for a Young Family

When you have always wished you had a tiny apartment, sometimes you would like to try to transform it into a modern and spacious home. It will look like a perfect place where you can feel peaceful and enjoy all the comfort that you need. A small apartment should be the perfect place where you feel nice and comfortable.

Apartment Designs For A Small Family, Young Couple And A Bachelor

Today we would like to present you a renovated apartment, located in Soma, Israel. With walls that were made from a rigid environment, the old apartment was turned into a modern and spacious home. The wonderful and modern kitchen was moved into the corner of the house.

One of the most important pieces that were retained was the old fireplace. The living room was decorated with a chaise longue here and there. The living room is very simple and seems very pleasant to be in. But there are many things to be seen or imagined: the sliding mirror that wants to make you guess anything but is not an accessory, the shower curtain and the artwork bring some color, and the two square tables with round shapes are only some decorative items. All these small details and details are continued on the walls and the ceilings.

Another important piece of furniture was the wall trusses. From the dining room we would go back to the living room and enjoy a TV area and a closet area. We would go further to the bedroom and the bathroom and the kitchen. And last, of course, would be to visit the bathroom.

Apartment For A Young Family

So what to do with all the bathrooms and not allowing them to use them? Well… they do it but that is not the goal here. Keep the bathroom as simple and minimal as possible and don’t forget to look at the aesthetic part, as if everything about them were there. A collection of items could be placed in the right places and the décor could be bright and playful.{found on dezeen}.

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