Spring Edition: 10 Brightened Outdoor Spaces for Today’s Warm Weather

The warm weather makes it easier to make a big design decision when it comes to the Holidays! Start with some extra warmth and some delectable treats. This time of the year we spend time outdoors soaking up the last rays of sun, but that’s not what we need. Outdoor decor is as personal as it is practical, so it’s essential that youask for the best (and greener most — look) looks possible! Today we’ve rounded up 10 brightened outdoor spaces, organized by season, with just a bit of DIY do it yourself!

Outdoor Furnishings And Accessories To Brighten Your Spring

Shimmering lanterns, big sailboats, and a needle felord! Our next space has got a bit of a mid-century feel (yes, even though it’s dressed up with a retro map of the globe to help keep the space from looking too angular), but this space also looks upbeat and spacious. Even colors can be swapped out for bedding and decor to avoid feeling blue. You can also get creative with the pattern and color scheme on the walls.

This space has just a bit of everything we just mentioned, including a modern vase in a basket (not a pretty one, but a subtle shape), an asymmetric tower pot, and a range of geometric globe lights. You can get creative with the accessories and paint around the globe, to create a focal point for whatever you’d like!

Want to create a special destination for a guest’s entire home? Wouldn’t it make a great gift for a travel souvenir collector? This space in the Holiday Inn Trips Collection gives a munch of inspiration. While there are many items to be saved here, the decor is unadorned to create a cozy and genuinely holiday atmosphere.

Refresh Your Outdoor Space With Bright And Fresh Accessories

Even if your house is dressed up for the holidays, it’s never a bad idea to keep things ever so simple. Turn up the neon lighting, and you’ll have a shine that is just a hair higher than your toes.This space is extra festive because it adorns the visitor with greenery on its walls and border. In a holiday cottage setting, a neon lighter version than what this example provides draws the eye, even if it isn’t too bright.

Brightened Outdoor Spaces For Today’s Warm Weather

If your space is an extension of your home, like this outdoor sitting area, it will feel fresh and clean without a lot of decorations beyond the game tables and other festive items. Add the chair to the living room, add a string of accent pillows, and entertain with some greenery.

Back in the studio, we mentioned that there are some really amazing outdoor sculptures out there. We just found the inspiration for a similar project. This is a garden filled with geometric shadowbox sculptures. They might not be as chic and simple as the standard box designs, but the effect is a lot more festive visually than you’d think.

Last but not least, an outdoor forest called MO House feels like a breath of fresh air no matter how cold or warm the topography or the nearest office or Factory. This surprisingly honest nature-themed design highlights the need for care to the precision of the materials and lines.

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